Return To Darkness Book Cover

Return To Darkness

For the past three months I've been telling you that Westbow Press, a Division of the Thomas Nelson Publishing House, would publish my latest novel, Return to Darkness. Well, they did it. The book, a 6" x 9" trade paperback, is the third of the Matt Dawson series, and is now available.

According to WestBow, 25,000 book distributors across the country have been notified and are standing by to process orders. (Wouldn't THAT be nice). If you'd like a signed copy, you can get one by contacting me directly.

Here's a brief synopsis of this exciting novel:

"2006 proves to be a deadly year for journalists and dissenters in the Russian Federation. Hard-hitting investigative reporter Mara Belovskaya is shot and killed in the lobby of her apartment building. Her friend, Russian defector Karol Malenkov, is poisoned in a London sushi bar while investigating her murder. Who is responsible for their deaths? Evidence points to the Russian government.

Mara has left behind with Malenkov a computer disk containing information damaging to Russia. When a list of double agents who spied for France and the former Soviet Union also surfaces, the FBI hands Private Investigator Matt Dawson a mission: to retrieve the disk and list before they fall into the wrong hands.

Besides the Russian government there are several other very powerful people with dubious motives who also want to take possession of the CD and list; a wealthy Russian Oligarch whose goal in life is to destroy the Russian President, a mysterious society of retired KGB agents calling itself Pride and Glory who seek the return of the powerful Soviet Union, a former double agent living in England who spied for Russia and the British, the husband of the Governor of Massachusetts whose name may be on that list of double agents, and Mara Belovskaya's ex-husband whose lust for wealth and fame knows no bounds.

Unfortunately, they all realize that the only person standing in their way is Matt Dawson!"

To place your order for a signed copy:
Signed Trade Paperback; make your check out to me in the amount of $26.10 ($20.95 + $5.15 for shipping),
Signed Hardcover; make your check out to me for $31.10 ($25.95 + $5.15 for shipping),

Please send the check to me at this address:

2812 Foothills Road,
Cheyenne, WY 82009-4538

Questions: 307-638-9338

Also include a note indicating to whom I should sign the book; and if you have a special comment that you'd like me to make, please mention that in your note. It will take approximately two weeks from the time you place your order, to receive your book.