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Finished speaking, Marvin Jonathan Freedlander raised both hands over his head in a victory salute. The guests loved it. . . . This was the moment Matt Dawson had been waiting for. He sucked in his breath, raised his hand and was acknowledged. A microphone was thrust under his chin.

"Mr. Freedlander, what can you tell us about the murder of an American expatriate in Cuernavaca, Mexico, a few days ago?"

The hall grew quiet. Freedlander, taken by surprise, peered over his glasses at the man who had asked the question. What was it that was familiar about the man? Then, recognition dawned. He pointed a finger at Matt.

"I'll kill you for this!" he screamed, his lips twisting with rage. Pulling the Beretta from under his suit coat, he aimed it at Matt. Less than thirty feet separated the two men.

Ann Kelly, standing a few feet to Matt's right, adrenaline pumping, watched, horrified, as the pistol came out. She saw the barrel pointed at her friend and sensed what Freedlander was about to do.

"Noooo!" she cried, and flung herself headlong in front of Matt as Freedlander squeezed off two shots.


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Political Secrets – the tangled web they weave

Matt Dawson, whom we first met in the China Connection, is the investigator hired to find Anna Lieber. When Matt agrees to take the case, he has no idea what he has gotten himself into or the dirty little secret he will stumble on to that will put him in the path of murderous danger.

"The search for Anna takes him back in time to 1951, when an ambulance mysteriously whisks her husband, Maxim, away in the middle of the night to Mexico. Matt also discovers the complicated ring of espionage and the thriving communist underground of the early 1900s involving Maxim Lieber, Alger Hiss, and Whittaker Chambers. Evidence is unveiled in the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings where we also get a glimpse of the events that catapulted Richard Nixon into the political limelight.

"At one point, Anna Lieber is having a rather heated discussion with her husband, Maxim, about the search for truth. Lacking any religious upbringing, Max has turned to communism early in life - he'd become a relativist rejecting any kind of truth. He told her that to acept truth, or even goodness, it would have committed him to moral and social responsibility, and yet truth seemed to be what he was continually searching for and always came up lacking. Anna's response, to me, quite sums up the truth regarding capitalism and socialism.

"She said to Maxim,'You want truth, Max? Here's truth. Western capitalism has created a wealthier, more numerous middle class than socialism. In every country where it exists, capitalism has spread wealth; housing, food, clothing and consumer goods among more people than any other system. And with more personal freedom intact, too. Socialism, on the other hand, has produced a dependant middle class, with its hand out.'

"Matt, a lawyer-turned-investigator, has a past full of painful circumstances which have forced him to take a good hard look at himself. Because the time-frame for Little Sister Lost is set before The China Connection, we get to know more of Matt's background, and the personal struggle he experiences because of his divorce, and subsequent damaged relationship with his children. His realization that what is missing in his life is a personal relationship with God, starts him on a path toward healing.

"All this, along with an edge-of-your-seat, what's-going-to-happen-next story woven around a controversial and complicated piece of American history, makes for wonderful reading."

Joleen Marquardt, Wyoming

… A novel of intrigue and suspense

"… a novel that takes a true story of espionage from half a century ago and gives it new life. The author's involvement in the actual case gives the novel extra authenticity and power. His notes and supplementary materials allow the reader to delve even further into the true-life story.

"The novel is bristling with strong characters – both well-known figures and fictionalized men and women – and vivid settings …"

iUniverse, Inc. Editor's Choice Award Independent Reviewer