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PINE BLUFFS – The liberal media is turning a blind eye to the corruption inside Barack Hussein Obama’s administration. That’s no surprise. It turned the same blind eye to Obama for two years during his run for president.

Why do I say that? The facts, if you’re willing to dig a bit, all point to that inescapable conclusion. The liberal media has let the American people down. The Fourth Estate is not doing its job as watchdog exposing corruption in high places.

During the campaign, Barack Hussein Obama ran on a mantra of “hope and change.” But the media did not examine what kind of change he was talking about. They let him get away with broad generalities. Had they bothered to investigate, they’d have seen that Obama’s “change” was a socialism contrary to anything the United States of America has ever seen here, and definitely contrary to anything Americans – except for those few on the dole – want.

Now, a year into his Presidency, Obama has shown his true colors. He’s a power-hungry, ego-driven elitist. An alleged graduate of the pinko Columbia University in New York, influenced by communist writer, Saul Alinsky and the America-hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama seems bent on forcing his socialist agenda upon us at any cost. And he’s doing it with a team of tax cheats, crooks, and communists, whom he has appointed to positions within his administration. This by itself has put our country on a path to destruction.

Michelle Malkin, the conservative author of the best selling Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies, released in July 2009, agrees with me. A nationally-syndicated columnist who frequently appears on MSNBC, Fox News, and C-SPAN, Malkin says this in her fourth book:

“Barack Hussein Obama has:

1) Used Chicago style tactics and his shady relationship with the nefarious group, ACORN, to gain the White House,

2) He has filled his cabinet with former Clinton cronies, “loyal” Chicago friends, and crooked Washington insiders,

3) He has appointed a team of more than 30 shadow ‘czars’ to circumvent our Constitution and push his socialist agenda on America.”

Nor does our new First Lady escape her wrath:

“Barack Obama is not the only fraud in the family. Michelle Obama lied when she proclaimed herself to be an every-day mom who knows what it’s like to struggle. . . . The truth is Michelle Obama, [who attended Princeton University, an exclusive Ivy-League school] pulled in half a million dollars in 2007, sends her children to a pricey, five-figure private school, and even meets with her own personal trainer four times a week.”

Obama’s hypocrisy is calculated, practiced and skillfully applied. With his take-over of car companies, banks, and his attempt to ram socialized medicine down our throats with a so-called Health Care bill, which will raise the annual budget deficit and the national debt to staggering figures, he is destroying our country. And you will not hear about it from the mainstream media, because, with the sole exceptions of TV’s Fox News, The Washington Times, an excellent daily newspaper, and The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank staffed by excellent scholars, they are in Obama’s hip pocket.

Michelle Malkin again:

“CNN won’t run any critical stories on Obama’s choice for attorney general, Eric Holder, [a lawyer] who once defended a company with known ties to Columbian terrorists,

“You won’t see an exposé on NBC, CBS, or ABC about the 32 high-paid Obama ‘czars’ who include tax cheats and ‘pay to play’ brokers,

“And the New York Times certainly is going to avoid running hard-hitting stories on the President’s ties to ACORN, even though this corrupt organization is under investigation for voter fraud and embezzlement.”

As more and more Americans begin to understand the truth about this crooked administration and the awful mistake the voters made in 2008, the public has begun to object to the liberal slanting of all its current events. We have turned elsewhere for our news. Indeed, the dismantling of the giant liberal media machine protecting Obama as he runs roughshod over traditional conservative Americans has begun. Here’s what’s happening:

Media conglomerate, the giant Tribune Company, owner and publishers of the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and The Baltimore Sun, three of the nation’s leading liberal rags, filed for bankruptcy protection in December 2008.

Real Estate mogul, Sam Zell, who bought the Tribune Company in 2007 and took on $13 billion in debt in yet another example of liberal financial incompetence, although attempting to disguise the reason somewhat, let the cat out of the bag: “A precipitous decline in revenue [read, a dramatic fall-off in readership] and a tough economy have coupled with a credit crisis, making it extremely difficult to support our debt. All our major advertising categories have been impacted [read, major advertisers don’t like the constant drumbeat of liberal ideology contained in the pages of those newspapers, either].”

Zell’s group, although among the first, is not the only one to fall on hard times. Rocky Mountain News, Colorado’s oldest paper, was put up for sale in 2008, after owner E.W. Scripps Company reported losses of $11 million on operations in the first 9 months of that year. This happened in a formerly solid red state turning progressively more blue during the past ten years, where one might expect a liberal newspaper to be welcomed with open arms.

And 2009 was a bad year for Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the United States, which began laying off 10% of its workforce.

Meanwhile, The Miami Herald, owned by McClatchy, the third largest newspaper chain in the country, was reportedly up for sale. McClatchy watched its stock price plummet, losing 90% of its value since 2006.

And the New York Times was reported in 2009 to be selling office furniture, furnishings, and fixtures in a frenzied attempt to stave off bankruptcy.

Sometimes it may seem like Barack Hussein Obama will never be revealed as the deceiver he really is. And sometimes it may seem like we’ll never be able to talk sense into our fellow citizens who blindly worship him. But the above clearly shows that progress IS being made.

As conservatives and loyal Americans, we need to stand together to bring down the liberal media machine that is fueling Obama’s radical agenda. You know which newspapers in your area spout liberal propaganda. Do not buy them, and urge all your like-minded friends to stay away from them. Further, if you own a business, small or large, direct your budgeted advertising funds to conservative publications. Perhaps hitting these liberal publications in the pocket book where it really hurts might cause them to take a candid look at the power-hungry man in the White House, who is willing to go to any lengths, even to destroying his own party, to force his socialist agenda on the United States.

Anthony J. Sacco, a writer, licensed private investigator, author of two novels; The China Connection, and Little Sister Lost, and a biography, Echoes in the Wind, holds degrees from Loyola College of Maryland and the University of Maryland Law School. His articles have appeared in the Washington Times, Baltimore Sun, Voices for the Unborn, the Catholic Review, WREN Magazine and the Wyoming Catholic Register. E-mail him at and visit his blog at His work is also available at Triond, an Internet Magazine.