Little Sister Lost

When shy, retiring, Alvin Zelinka, a Contract Marketing Specialist with the Department of Defense, dies from a massive heart attack, Matt Dawson is hired by Alvin’s Baltimore estate lawyer to find the decedent’s sister, Anna Zelinka Lieber. She has not been heard from in thirty-nine years, and no one knows if she is alive or dead. Until he begins work, Matt does not realize that she is the wife of a communist party spy, nor does he understand that within a week he will find himself, figuratively, in the world of Alger Hiss, Whitaker Chambers, Richard Nixon, and the House Un-American Activities Committee as they attempt to weed out communist agents who have infiltrated the government.

Matt tracks the missing woman, her husband, and their two children to Cuernavaca, Mexico, Warsaw, Poland, and then back to the United States. While doing so, he stumbles across a long-buried secret of Marvin Jonathan Freedlander, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Freedlander, who aspires to become the next mayor of the Big Apple, will do anything to keep that secret from becoming public—even commit murder.


The China Connection

Disbarred lawyer turned investigator, Matt Dawson, reeling from the effects of a divorce, is hired to find Johnny Chung before three other groups find and kill him. Dawson embarks on a journey that takes him to LA, London, Paris and Taipai, and into the deepest recesses of his own heart, as he struggles to find his quarry. In the process he learns to forgive his ex-wife and himself, rekindles his faith in God, and decides that he can commit to a loving relationship again.


Echoes in the Wind

New England sports fans wonder about Guy Vitale, perhaps East Boston’s greatest athlete, who lettered in three sports and had so much talent in football and baseball that sportswriters said it wasn’t a question of whether he’d turn pro, but only which sport he’d pick.

An All-Scholastic choice by Boston’s leading newspapers, the Globe, Herald and the Traveler for football and baseball in both his junior and senior years, 1936 Schoolboy Hall of Fame selection in baseball after hitting .621 in his senior year, Guy starred on the legendary 1937 Barnstable club and the 1938 Cape Cod League Champion Falmouth team. Everyone who watched him play believed he possessed all the necessary tools to attain his dream of playing Major League baseball.

So what happened? This chronicle of Guy Vitale’s life, written by his nephew, an author of two previous novels, explains why he did not make it to the Big Leagues, but instead achieved a measure of glory while leading a satisfying life serving his country.

Wondering what became of Guy? This book tells all in a riveting manner, so compelling that you won’t want to put it down. Ciampa, Curry, Famulari, Hegner, Herman, Indrisano, Khederian, the Merullo brothers, Morse, Rocciolo, the Sacco boys, Siciliano, Struzzerio, the Vitale family, beloved St. Lazerus priests Father Francisco Berti and Father Leo Toma, famed East Boston Coach Fred O’Brien; they’re all here, as their lives touched Guy’s in different ways.



Return to Darkness

2006 proves to be a deadly year for journalists and dissenters in the Russian Federation. Hard-hitting investigative reporter Mara Belovskaya was shot and killed in the lobby of her apartment building. Her friend, Russian defector Karol Malenkov, was poisoned in a London sushi bar while investigating her murder. Evidence points to the Russian government.

Mara has left behind a computer disk containing damaging information for Russia. When a list of double agents also surfaces, the FBI hires Private Investigator, Matt Dawson to find and retrieve the computer disk and the list before they fall into the wrong hands.

There are very powerful people with dubious motives who also want to take possession of the CD and the list. Unfortunately, they all know that the only person standing in their way is Matt Dawson.

Return to Darkness is the third book in the Matt Dawson series about a disbarred lawyer turned private investigator, whose exciting adventures take him to exotic, far-away places.


The Secret of Hagia Sophia

Private Investigator Matt Dawson is enjoying a quiet breakfast at his home in Cheyenne, when a ringing landline shatters his tranquility. The Dean of the Archeology Department at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island is calling with a job proposal that transports him to the Southern European city of Istanbul and immerses him in the four-hundred-year old deadly secret of Hagia Sophia.